Kudzu Root: Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

The body breaks down caffeine (contained in kudzu) to get rid of it. Decreasing the breakdown of caffeine can cause jitteriness, headache, fast heartbeat, and other side effects. Taking kudzu along with birth control pills might decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills.

  • Thus, altered acetaldehyde metabolism is not a likely explanation for kudzu extract effects in humans.
  • He worked for many years in mental health and substance abuse facilities in Florida, as well as in home health (medical and psychiatric), and took care of people with medical and addictions problems at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.
  • The number of participants who drank each available beer during the 1.5 hour drinking session following administration of placebo or kudzu.
  • Nor will it drastically enhance your quality of life after the first dose.

In our most recent study (Penetar et al., 2011) we provided evidence that kudzu extract may alter blood ethanol levels after an acute drinking episode. In fact, we reported that kudzu extract did just that and interrupted binge drinking (Lukas et al., 2005). This profile differs somewhat from that of kudzu extract and may represent a novel herbal compound that may be a therapeutic kudzu extract for alcoholism candidate. The present study explored possible mechanisms to explain how kudzu extract reduces alcohol consumption in humans. The results imply that a reduction in consumption exhibited in previous studies is not likely due to an increase in the subjective intoxicating effects of alcohol or to an increase in alcohol’s effect on psychomotor performance or cognitive processing.

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The maximal possible observations were based on the number of side effect categories that were recorded, multiplied by the number of study days in each phase, which was then multiplied by the number of subjects participating in each study phase. The overall incidence of side effects (e.g., headaches, shakes, chills, nausea, etc.) in both groups ranged between 1.7 and 3%. None of the study participants reported any insomnia, sedation, dizziness, blurred vision, tinnitus, or altered libido. Fifty-one percent of adults over the age of 18 and 56% of those age 18–44, are current regular drinkers (Schiller et al., 2012). Thirty percent of current drinkers report drinking excessively (Naimi et al., 2003) and 92% of U.S. adults who drink excessively report binge drinking in the past 30 days (Town et al., 2006).

best way to ingest kudzu extract for alcoholism

Suggested doses for kudzu root can vary according to the manufacturer and is usually indicated on product label guidelines. In the U.S., the rise in alcoholic beverage sales has notably increased since this time. As a result, higher alcohol consumption and addictive tendencies among the general population is a common problem. Giving a Kudzu root extract twice daily failed to reduce craving and sobriety scores. The subjects were people taking the extract and those taking a placebo. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine has used the plant for over 2,500 years.

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Another study shows that kudzu flower might be helpful to lessen hot flashes in menopausal women. It’s marketed as a treatment for alcoholism, diabetes, and inflammation. We read the research to find out what science has to say about this plant. Until the effects of kudzu can be quantified properly in a larger study, then, and a standardised product is available on the market with the THR mark, it’s not something we can recommend you take. Some research specifically on the kudzu species Pueraria mirifica suggests that doses of 50–100 mg per day appear to have a low risk of adverse side effects (18). Small studies in people have observed noteworthy improvements in these menopausal symptoms, among others, like vaginal dryness (9, 10).

  • Because my drinking levels were so stupendously high in the first place, kudzu did not turn me into a moderate drinker by any stretch of the imagination.
  • The most important finding of the present study was that 4-weeks of treatment with a standardized kudzu extract reduced ad libitum alcohol consumption in a group of non treatment-seeking heavy drinkers.
  • According to some studies, kudzu root may help manage some symptoms of metabolic syndrome.
  • The reductions in drinking by kudzu extract were observed by the second week of treatment and persisted through the 4th week of treatment.

Participants weighed on the average 165.5±11.1 pounds and had an average body mass index of 25.3±1.3. They consumed 7.8±0.63 drinks per week and did not abuse nor were dependent on any drug. The protocol and informed consent were approved by the McLean Hospital Institutional Review Board and individuals were paid for their participation. Lukas and Lee applied for, and were granted, a patent https://ecosoberhouse.com/ for kudzu extract to treat alcohol abuse and dependence. McLean Hospital has licensed the production of kudzu extract (NPI-031) to Natural Pharmacia International (NPI), Inc. and they are marketing it as Alkontrol-Herbal®. All other authors declare that they have no actual or potential conflict of interest that could inappropriately influence, or be perceived to influence, this work.

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By preventing acetaldehyde breakdown and allowing it to build to high levels in the body, alcohol consumption would cause an aversive reaction similar to disulfiram (Antabuse™), eliminating positive effects of alcohol and limiting consumption. This mechanism is unlikely however, at least in non-humans, as additional findings indicated that daidzin administration at doses that reduce alcohol intake in hamsters did not change acetaldehyde metabolism (Keung et al., 1995). Another effect may involve alterations in the mitochondrial monoamine oxidase-acetaldehyde pathway. Daidzin affects the breakdown of serotonin and dopamine into the primary metabolites 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid (5-HIAA) and 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl acetic acid (DOPAC) respectively.

best way to ingest kudzu extract for alcoholism

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